The Best Wedding Songs

A wedding would not be complete without the playing or singing of the more popular wedding songs. Although it would still be a wedding, it will miss that magical and popular moment. Not everyone has a list in his or her head of the best wedding songs, so this article will hopefully be of great help to you. What will follow is a list of the more popular weddings songs that are often played when the wedding bells ring:

Your wedding should always start with a song that sets the theme for your dreamy event. Here Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz from Sleeping Beauty” is such an exceptional choice. The lyrics of this track present a tone that is intense and inspiring. “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy and “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey makes excellent choices as well.

The processional songs set the stage for the wedding, and one of the best weddings songs you can select is the “Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet”. The recording by Andy Williams is very good. This is one of the most romantic themes ever created, and is perfect for a wedding collection.

“Have I Told You Lately” by Rod Stewart is a popular choice for the first dance. Almost everyone has heard this song and this ad to its popularity. It is also one of the most romantic songs ever put together.

A great father/daughter dance is “My Girl” from the temptations. “My Girl” has been a lasting father/daughter song. A marvelous track brings tears to people’s eyes all around the room. “You Light up My Life” by Debbie Boone is a perfect mother/son dance, although some see it as sentimental – a classic love song that has been playing on stations for many decades.

The Sister Sledge version of “We Are Family” is an awesome choice for the bridal party dance. It brings a fun element to the wedding proceedings and is a nice departure from the serious love tunes you usually hear on a wedding.

The cutting of the cake is also another memorable moment, which makes “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole so fitting. The garter toss is another fun moment at a wedding, and “Legs”by ZZ Top is a great song for this moment. Most people will see this as a fun song and good inclusion to the wedding celebrations.

A romantic and memorable event such as a wedding must also end. This off course will be done with a last dance and one of the best possible songs for this would be “Always and Forever” by Heatwave. This is a marvelous track to play as the guests exit the wedding venue. It will create the ideal feeling for the new marriage. The song assumes the marriage will be one of everlasting love. This is a superb attitude to promote.

Obviously, you can make many other choices, as not everyone’s taste is the same. The wedding songs listed here are definitely amongst the most memorable you will ever find. If you include any of these songs into your wedding, it will surely be a positive choice.

Five Proven Steps to the Best Wedding Speeches

Great wedding reception speeches help liven up the wedding reception and make the guests feel upbeat and ready to celebrate the occasion of this marriage.

Here are steps to the best wedding speeches:

1. The people closest to the Bride and Groom can be a terrific resource. Is there a member of the bridal party who does public speaking or theatre? Is there a friend that is involved in Toastmasters?

Would this person be willing to help organize the speech section or be the Wedding MC? The MC introduces the speakers and makes announcements. It is helpful to have an MC but not necessary.

2. Each wedding speech started in confident way helps capture the audiences’ attention. One simple technique is to memorize the first line or two of the speech. The speaker should look directly at the audience and say those couple of lines with expression.

A confident start to the speech applies to any of the speakers, whether it is the Best Man or Father of the Bride or any other member of the bridal party.

3. Learn about the various wedding speeches. Wedding reception speeches will vary depending on the style of the wedding and the people involved. There is lot of information available on the internet as well as ready-made speech guides.

For example, the Best Man’s Speech is considered to be a highlight of the evening and is often humorous. The Father of the Bride speech is shorter in length and often more serious in nature.

4 The best wedding speeches have preplanned time limits arranged ahead of time. This way the speaker understands what is expected of him. A specific time limit helps the speaker make the important points in that time frame.

For example the Best Man gives the longest speech of the evening. He may speak for 7 to 10 minutes. It is helpful to give the speakers a range of minutes, because it is very difficult to speak for exactly 7 minutes.

5. The Wedding Party should expect the unexpected for the wedding reception speeches and roll with it. There will always be some surprises that can not be prepared for in advance.

For example the Maid of Honor may have expected to speak at the Head Table in front of the dinner setting only to suddenly find out the microphone only works at the podium on the stage.

So many details have to come together on the wedding day. Between the church, photos in the park and dinner at the banquet hall, it is quite possible for unexpected challenges to crop up. So if the wedding party knows this they can be relaxed and go with the flow at the wedding reception speeches.

Best Wedding Gifts Ever Read Before You Go Shopping

Before you go shopping for the best wedding gifts to give on your friend’s wedding, ask yourself if you have the ideas for the best wedding gifts to give them. If not, read on.

We here have the best five wedding gift ideas for you to choose from.

1. Cash

This is the best gift you can give – money. Newly wedded couples are usually in need of money. Gift cheque or cash to make the wedded couple happy and grateful. This will let them buy objects they need or want. They can also spend it on anything they wish to. With the extra cash, the couple may be able to upgrade their new house or car. They can also buy new objects they need for their home and their wedded life. They can spend it to enhance their honeymoon. They can deposit the cash into a new joint account for later necessities. They can secure their future. They can have fun at present. They can do whatever they want. So give them the freedom. Give them the cash.

2. Honeymoon

Honeymoon is an event that is special like the wedding. It is a period of time that the coupe takes off from mundane life to have a memorable and romantic vacation to begin their wedded life. You can gift the honeymoon expenses to make this event happier and easier for the couple. This is one of the best wedding gifts. Of course, this is going to be very expensive. So you can always ask other guests who are your friends to join in. If this is not happening and yet you want to make the couple’s honeymoon special, you can enhance it by upgrading their tickets, by giving vouchers for hotels and restaurants they are going to go to. You can even arrange a band to play music for them. You can surprise them this way by enhancing their honeymoon and making it special.

3. A Gift to Remember

Gift your newly wedded friends something that will stand the test of time and stay with them forever or at least for a long time to come. Maybe a gift arranged by some agency to give on the couple’s fifth or tenth wedding anniversary. You can gift framed painting made by a local artist on your request, from a picture of the couple’s wedding. Gift something that they will talk about even after ten/fifteen years of their marriage.

4. New Home Appliances and Furniture Pieces

Newly wedded couples need a lot of appliances and furniture pieces to complete their home. Contribute by gifting affordable appliances like telephone sets, oven, toaster, etc. small furniture pieces like a corner table or a bookshelf, a chest of drawers or a mirror set can enhance their home decor as well as be of use to them. Just make sure that your piece doesn’t look very out of the place among their other furniture pieces. Visit their home or take a peek at these pieces before you buy yours. Of course you don’t have to buy something that is matching, but make sure that your piece complements their other objects and does not stand out amongst them in a wrong way.

5. A Gift to Capture Memories

A camera is one of the best wedding gifts possible. It will capture the couple’s wedded life and make memories rust proof. Buy a camera or a video camera which will capture their memories and will play them again for the couple. Besides being affordable, it is useful and practical and that is why it is one of the best wedding gifts ever.

Ways of Getting the Best Wedding Gifts

A wedding is a wonderful affair and if you are invited you want to make sure you are getting the best wedding gifts for the bride and groom. The process of picking out wedding gifts can be a lot of fun, there are literally thousands of places to search for when getting the best wedding gifts.

Depending on where you live and how to prefer to shop getting the best wedding gifts can be done online using any one the major online sources for gifts. You can browse through hundreds of different choices, maybe even selecting a personalized gift. It will then be shipped directly to your home, normally within a couple of days. A great stress free way to shop for a wedding gift.

If you prefer to shop in person then find out where the bride and groom have registered for their gifts. This way you know they will be getting the best wedding gifts and they will receive items that they have requested. This saves you time looking around for that perfect gift.

You could possibly be more of a distant relative and not know intimate details of the bride and groom so therefore you may have less of a budget for getting the best wedding gifts. Some great inexpensive ideas in this case are:

Photo Frames – you could easily add a personal message onto the frame such as “for the loving couple” or “memories of your wedding day”. There are many different styles of frames to choose from including natural wood, gold or silver metal and high quality colored plastic frames.

T-shirts – this could prove to be a fun gift, maybe something they could wear on their honeymoon. Again with this choice you could add a custom photo or message or just a big red heart.

Mugs – a customized beer mug or wine glass would be appropriate as well as a matching pair of coffee mugs with bride and groom printed on them.

If your budget allows for getting the best wedding gifts that cost a little more then you should consider any one of the following choices as a great gift.

Accessories – who doesn’t love to receive a piece of jewelry? Bracelets make the perfect gift and can be personalized. A his and hers bracelet set would be a wonderful choice in either gold or sterling silver, depending on your budget.

Clocks – you can either choose a wall clock or personal watch engraved with the wedding date. As well as providing a memento a clock is a useful addition to the home.

Getting the best wedding gifts can be really enjoyable. Take the time and try to make it a personal gift that will add a special touch for the bride and groom. No matter what the value of your gift, it is always the thought that counts the most.

So there you have it folks, my secret tips which you can use to make a real difference on your amazing day.

A Perfect Bite From Best Wedding Cake Flavors

To all sweethearts who are planning of settling down and getting married to live life together, going through wedding plans is quite difficult and is really a stressful thing to do. This is mainly because there are a lot of things to consider and details to study. That is why some couples chose to hire a wedding planner to do all things for them. It is fine to prefer such an option but, take this as an important advice, when it comes to your wedding cake, you do not need the taste preference of other people to do a flavor selection for you. It is a common fact that wedding cakes are one of the high lights in a wedding reception. Without the this in the venue, the moment seems to be incomplete. A couple never want that to happen. That is the reason why a couple must give the verdict on what wedding cake flavor to pick not to fall into disappointment during the momentum.

Wedding cakes are already viewed as part of a wedding event. This completes the wedding and with sharing perfect moments, sharing perfect cake bites must also be experienced. A cake flavor must be well researched to end up having the best wedding cake for that very special moment. Everyone must enjoy the palatable taste of each slice. The flavor and fillings must delight each and every person who takes a bite. For sure, the delicious flavor will satisfy and completes the meal even more.

Additionally, nowadays, aside from great flavors for cakes, they are already available in an array of designs. Yes, this also implies that cakes are presented in different styles aside from its varieties of delicious flavors which means that a couple need not to worry with difficulties in selecting the best one since they have a lot to choose to. Also, from traditional round-shape wedding cakes, now they are in different shapes and even sizes. Great treat to think of!

To give you some tips on what are the most-liked flavors, here are some of the popular flavor and fillings you would certainly ask for. Chocolate-almond cake, chocolate and mocha butter cream, chocolate devil’s food cake and vanilla butter cream, chocolate devil’s food cake, vanilla butter cream, and raspberries and lemon cake, lemon curd, and vanilla butter cream. Truly, these flavors sound really yummy!

So celebrate that very precious day in the happiest way you can. Be satisfied with everything at that moment. Never let anything ruin your overwhelming gladness. Let your wedding cake add the positive impression of your wedding. Have the best wedding cake flavors for you. Let the wedding bells ring and have fun to the fullest!