Finding the Best Wedding Venue

It will be one of the most important days of your life and you deserve the best wedding venue for your reception. You need to consider several areas as you begin to search, keeping in mind your wishes and budget.

The wedding venue for the actual wedding ceremony is based on several factors. The number of people expected, the budget, the geographic area and the type of services required. Most weddings do occur in a church. This is often the choice of the bride, based on her religious affiliation. There are however current trends for brides to choose different sites for the ceremony. Often a summer wedding will occur in a park or garden area. These venues will have fees associated with the rental of the area. The bride needs to budget for any rentals not included at the site, for example, an alter, chairs and other items.

A bride can also reserve a wedding chapel. Similarly these will have a fee associated with the rental. Many times packages are available to include music, flowers, and the minister. Some brides and grooms will want an unusual wedding venue. There have been weddings performed on golf courses, in castles, at the zoo, museums, skydiving, on horseback and anywhere a licensed minister or judge can marry someone. The list is endless for unique spaces but will normally be chosen based on the interests or hobbies of the bride and groom, or perhaps a special meaningful place. You will need to check with each site for any costs associated with the venue as well as to ensure that the ceremony can be performed there.

For those more budget conscious, there are cheap wedding venues to consider. Parks are often very inexpensive to rent and quite beautiful. The actual church many have very low fees, or you may be able to negotiate a price to fit your budget. Getting married at unique venues may require a permit or license which will cost a nominal fee.

To decide on a wedding reception venue, you will need to also determine some similar items discussed above. You need to figure out how many people, type of facility and your budget. The costs associated with reception venues will be based on the number of guests and type of facility. A hotel ballroom for example will be more expensive than a church social hall. This is why determining a budget will come in handy.

There are banqueting facilities, which specialize in wedding receptions. Make sure the facility can accommodate the number of guests and that they have everything you need. Items like bar, dance floor, adequate parking and sound equipment need to be considered. Social halls and membership halls can provide great locations for the reception. Often, brides choose to have the reception at their parents home. Make sure you take into account all the rental items that you will need, such as tents, tables, chairs etc.

Similar to the wedding ceremony the wedding reception can be arranged at a park or a more unusual setting such as a boat, roller skating rink, zoo, or art museum. Whatever type of wedding venue and wedding reception facility you choose, it will be important to visit each one to determine if it will fit your needs. Get detailed information about pricing and services offered. Read the contract and rules carefully to make sure you understand what will be required as well as what you can and cannot do. Take your time making a decision but book early.