Five Proven Steps to the Best Wedding Speeches

Great wedding reception speeches help liven up the wedding reception and make the guests feel upbeat and ready to celebrate the occasion of this marriage.

Here are steps to the best wedding speeches:

1. The people closest to the Bride and Groom can be a terrific resource. Is there a member of the bridal party who does public speaking or theatre? Is there a friend that is involved in Toastmasters?

Would this person be willing to help organize the speech section or be the Wedding MC? The MC introduces the speakers and makes announcements. It is helpful to have an MC but not necessary.

2. Each wedding speech started in confident way helps capture the audiences’ attention. One simple technique is to memorize the first line or two of the speech. The speaker should look directly at the audience and say those couple of lines with expression.

A confident start to the speech applies to any of the speakers, whether it is the Best Man or Father of the Bride or any other member of the bridal party.

3. Learn about the various wedding speeches. Wedding reception speeches will vary depending on the style of the wedding and the people involved. There is lot of information available on the internet as well as ready-made speech guides.

For example, the Best Man’s Speech is considered to be a highlight of the evening and is often humorous. The Father of the Bride speech is shorter in length and often more serious in nature.

4 The best wedding speeches have preplanned time limits arranged ahead of time. This way the speaker understands what is expected of him. A specific time limit helps the speaker make the important points in that time frame.

For example the Best Man gives the longest speech of the evening. He may speak for 7 to 10 minutes. It is helpful to give the speakers a range of minutes, because it is very difficult to speak for exactly 7 minutes.

5. The Wedding Party should expect the unexpected for the wedding reception speeches and roll with it. There will always be some surprises that can not be prepared for in advance.

For example the Maid of Honor may have expected to speak at the Head Table in front of the dinner setting only to suddenly find out the microphone only works at the podium on the stage.

So many details have to come together on the wedding day. Between the church, photos in the park and dinner at the banquet hall, it is quite possible for unexpected challenges to crop up. So if the wedding party knows this they can be relaxed and go with the flow at the wedding reception speeches.